Our story

Parents can give their children a dream

All happy families are similar to each other, but having a common cause is a very special kind of happiness. We came up with the idea to open a family business at the same time; by that time we already had two sons growing up.

They offered a business idea to us, their parents — the children were actively interested in geography, but paper maps were constantly torn. And then I, the head of our family, decided — why not make a useful wooden map for children? The first map was simple, but not only the children liked it — the guests also appreciated it. Then we realized that making such maps could be an exciting activity for us for life — and we began to take steps to make our dream come true.

When two people connected by close family ties understand what they want, nothing is impossible for them! Very soon, the world maps from a small brand scattered to all corners of the globe, and the assortment began to expand.

From the very beginning, our brand has relied on uncompromisingly high quality of its products — only high-quality birch plywood is used for its production. This ensures not only perfect external attractiveness, but also durability. We believe that the world is a beautiful place, so we strive to symbolically embody its beauty in each of our products. And therefore, the map can serve several generations of the same family.

The masters working on the maps process every detail manually, giving customers not just a stylish interior design, but also the embodiment of love. The whole process is filled with care, which is easy to feel even thousands of miles away.

Brand maps are a story about a great journey that every person has been making since the moment of his birth. They talk about the unity of the world and the unity of man — he is inextricably linked with people who exist nearby.

And it is for this reason that we stand for complete environmental friendliness — plastic is not used for the manufacture of products, regardless of its type. The desire to save the planet for their children, for all other children is something that is also part of the philosophy of the family brand.

The unique decor allows you to achieve an amazing feeling — every time a person looks at the map, it seems to him that the whole world is open before him. This is especially important for homes with children. They grow up with a sense of unlimited possibilities, with the understanding that any point on the map is available to them. This is the freedom that a child can feel from the first touch of a warm tree.

Wooden maps help to preserve the best moments in life. People who like to travel can use them to visualize the beauty of a part of the world that they have already admired. A happy couple can plan a future travel route. Parents can give their children a dream. All this is possible due to the fact that wooden maps are not just an amazingly beautiful thing. This is the history, culture and desires embodied in the tree.

Maps can become an integral part of the family space — and even when children grow up and have their own maps, they will be able to leave “traces" on this family heirloom. The brand's products are created with this idea in mind — and they invite you to get into this idea.